Welcome to Raudhah Secondary School (RSS) a Malaysian curriculum with Islamic values. RSS will be opened in Jan 2019 and located at Taman kajang Impian, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. Its the fruit of years of study by our management team who thirst for a model Smart Integrated Islamic Secondary School that could serve the Muslim community within the area of Bangi and beyond. We offer high quality, affordable and Smart Islamic Integrated Education with nationally recognized teaching and learning standard. Its a simple but heartfelt vision. RSS works with parents and community to motivate and enable each student to achieve his or her highest intellectual, physical and Islamic potential. By developing a learning culture which uses a variety of methods with both modern and traditional methods to maximize the effective delivery of a broad balanced and relevant curriculum. Helping produce informed, confident and conscientious students who we hope will go on to play their productive part in community and society.

RSS provides academic, Islamic and Qur’an recitation and memorization education under one roof. The students will have an amazing learning where they are constantly surprise themselves with how much they learn. We also provide them with advanced placement academics programs and enrichment opportunities  to assure the parents that they will do better than you can expect. Excellent recruitment enables us to employ good teachers, ensuring amazing learning and low teacher turnover through ongoing professional development. You will always know how well is your child is progressing through Weekly Academics Report a tracking platform accessible to all parents. RSS embraces the individuality of every learner. We support student learning through a robust, student focused curriculum, cocurriculum, extra-curricular and enriching after-school programs. RSS focuses relentlessly on each child’s ability to amaze whether through mentoring, enrichment or personalized study. We seriously stress on sports and physical activities by providing excellent facilities for futsal and handball fields and badminton courts with vast open spaces under shaded play areas.

RSS provides an Islamic environment with a commitment of using modern day teaching pedagogy to cultivate an advanced and comprehensive academic program fully compliant with Ministry of Education and JAIS curriculum of studies. A variety of resources including textbooks are used to cover the specific areas of studies such as Islamic History {Seerah}, Holy Qur’an-Recitation and memorization, Feqh, Tauhid, Akhlak{Manners}, Jawi, Khat and Arabic. Qur’an recitation is encourage and improved through a dedicated weekly session with an emphasis on correct Tajwid and pronounciation, students are challenged to improve their recitation and memorization and compete in Qur’an recitation competitions in and outside school. Using various activities students will make exceptional progress in Qur’an recitation. Role play, debate, speech and presentation are used to challenge the students to gain maximum understanding and develop a passion for Islamic lessons. Visiting programs to local mosques, academic, Islamic centres and authorites are planned to enliven the stories and capture the interest of the students, enabling to learn ways in which Islam can have a positive impact on their life today. Key Islamic events are celebrated through assemblies and special celebrations. Our growing and dynamics Islamic Education curriculum aims to nurture the spiritual, moral and ethical development of Muslim students and is intrinsically linked to the school vision of providing a holistic base education in a caring and enlightened environment.

We aim to raise the profile of Islamic Education and promote key Islamic values thereby fostering students to have the courage of their convictions and to develop a positive attitude. 

Through stories from the Qur’an and the life of prophets {Peace be Upon Them},The students learn the values of respect, truthfulness, obedience and forgiveness as well as other core values. Self –reflection and critical analysis help the students to understand valuable lessons from the lives of the prophets and Key Historical Islamic events in order to improve their own behavior and actions. Asking question and seeking answers are  an interesting part of Islamic lessons where students are encourage to express their thoughts and opinions in a safe and respectful environment. We offer a high quality of new teaching and learning concept of ITeMS [Islam for Teaching of Mathematics and Sciences] for a vibrant, positive and nurturing environment to meet the needs of our culturally diverse community. We encourage all community members to discover the possibilities at the RSS.