Raudhah Islamic School (RIS) is a private school located at Taman Putra, Kajang near Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.It opened it doors to a pioneer batch of students on January 2015.The establishment of this school was a desire of the chairman, En Mohd Fauzi bin Bidin.The school offers Malaysian National Curriculum and Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) Curriculum for the year One to year Six.Its registered under JAIS.The school also offering Qur’anic Memorising and Manners (Morals and Ethics Education and Basic Skills Proficiency) to foster and sustain the development of balanced and positive Muslim children thus achieve A sound mind in a sound body.

RIS was established through a desire by the chairman,En Mohd Fauzi bin Bidin with the objective to provide opportunities for academic and religious education and learning to society. The establishment was initiated by JAIS on January 3,2015.RIS was officially opened by Ustaz Misron a religious official representing the registrar of Islamic Religious Official of Hulu Langat district.The ceremony was symbolic to a school which is registered under JAIS.

At the beginning of its days, it has only 30 students of year One to year Three along four female teaching staffs.RIS was founded with the mission to be a complete Integrated Islamic Education choice offering holistic education for the development of creative, intelectually critical and social responsible individuals.The school objective is to produce knowledge generation that can achieve a well being of the world and the hereafter as emphasized in the Qur’an “ Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and defend us from the tournament of the fire”.Another objective of the school is to build the excellence students those are viable and capable of entering boarding schools such as Maahad Integrasi Tahfiz Sains (MITS), MRSM Ulul Albab and Kelas Aliran Agama (KAA).

In accordance with the function as a school ,RIS also offers a variety of interesting programs such as Solat Camp, Junior Chef, language week, educational visits and etc.It aims to establish and construct self development and independent, creativity and motivation among students.

Efforts to make RIS as a religious education centre that is able to uphold Islamic knowledge by providing place and opportunities to study and learn Qur’anic Memorising, Faith, Feqh, Seerah,Manners and Morals in addition to emphasize on academic study based on syllabus adopted  by Malaysia Education Ministry.Hopefully through the the steps that have been taken that RIS students will continuously and firmly make Islam as a way of life in order to achieve the pleasure of Allah in the life of this world and hereafter.

The school authorities will always ensure that each pupils performance properly taken up and recorded through periodic monitoring via term examination, monthly test and assessments and weekly quizzes.All of the assessments and evaluations of academic performance are done through Periodic Academic Report (PAR)


Educating and nurturing children who are competent of religious and secular education and have personality and good morals.The students should also be able to master and practice Fardh Ain knowledge education as well as possible in their daily life.


Holistic education, dominant personality.